A few small programs, spreadsheets and drawings I've written or created:

(page under construction- updates & new items always being added!)

Z_verter capacitance and inductance calculator- converts between most forms of impedance

Balancing rotating objects like motors and fans (xls spreadsheet UPDATED!)

Custom arc template generator for phono cartridge alignment (also prints nice strobe disks)

Skating force and anti-skate for poets and musicians- minimal math. (New!)

Program to calculate 4-pole single op amp lopass filters (zip file)

How to build a capacitance bridge (pdf file)

Threads, Changegears and Dividing Head (geared, pun intended, to my Logan but easily applied to any lathe- many useful inch and metric charts for the model maker- xls spreadsheet)

Program to calculate exact 3-wire screw thread measurements (zip file)

Program to calculate gear ratios (zip file) This has been somewhat debugged since first posted, but has had minimal testing. It is memory intensive. You should have a modern computer with a couple gig of memory to run it. Be patient, it may take a minute to load when you run it.

Info and Review of Thorens TD 295 Mk III turntable (pdf file)

V1.48 of A Scanning Utility for the HP8903B audio analyzer / Prologix interface only (zip file)

Silicone mold casting of new gears for the HP8640B RF signal generator

Brief results of turntable thrust plate material tests (xls spreadsheet)

Program to calculate amount to grind off chuck jaws so parts run on center

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